Tim and Kristi Cain

C21At Tahoe Paradise is committed to preserving the value of an investment/rental property while generating income as an agent for its clients. When you engage C21 At Tahoe Paradise services to manage and operate your investment property, you are assured to receive top quality professional services and advice.

We build relationships based on trust, proving time and time again, that service reigns as the number one factor in finding a quality real estate company to work for you. We work closely with each client making sure that every angle is examined, offering options based on value to your business or your personal investment. Contact us and find out why we emphasize INTEGRITY.

In the Property Management division everything we do is focused on the ultimate goal of maximizing our client’s cash flow and increasing the net value of their investments as if we own it. From marketing to accounting to maintenance issues, we develop a customized business plan for each property. Then, we find the best people to execute it.

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Tim and Kristi Cain